In my work I comment and depict my own surrounding, including cultural stereotypes and memories from my own nation’s collective consciousness. It is a view which is only possible after a person leaves his own culture and looks back from the 'other' location. At once, one feels trapped within his/her own stereotype. This is who I am. This is who I am expected to be. We are expected to conform to the view imposed by 'them' on 'us'. I'm balancing on the edge between doing a good show – as 'expected' – and self-reflection. The 'folklore' – otherness - of Central European post communist contemporary art is the product which is delivered to the spectator, yet it comes with a self-critical edge. Is it myself, or is it the image of myself, as defined by others?

po party? spray, acrylic and oil on canvas; 120 x 175 cm

škoda/what a shame; spray,acrylic and oil on canvas; 200 x 300 cm

hnuj/dung; spray,acrylic and oil on canvas; 120 x 175 cm

zahrádka; acrylic and oil on canvas 150 x 200 cm